What is there to do in Las Vegas in the morning?

Lots of people think Las Vegas is a ‘nightlife only’ destination… but it’s just not true! There is so much to in Las Vegas in the mornings and in the daytime – you can fill your days with many amazing attractions and activities.

We are regular Las Vegas visitors here at USAvacations.net and we go a couple of times a year. See below for a photo of us on a recent trip…! 

What are the best things to do in Las Vegas in the mornings?

Here are some of the best things you can do in Las Vegas in the morning, before the rest of the city wakes up!

Take a stroll around the strip!

The morning in Las Vegas is the quietest time, so it’s the perfect chance to take a stroll around and soak it all in (without all the crowds). If you’re visiting in the summer time (when temperatures can reach crazy highs!) then the morning is the coolest and most comfortable time of day to walk around outside.

Visit your hotel pool and grab the best sun beds

The swimming pools are always really quiet in the mornings, so if you want to do some sunbathing or relaxing by the pool, aim to get down there when it opens. I took this photo (below) at the Cosmopolitan pool around 10am and as you can see… it’s empty! By 1pm / 2pm, it’ll start to get much busier, and by 3pm there won’t be a spare bed in sight! There’s nothing nicer than sitting by an empty pool, or having the whole place to yourself for an hour to two in the morning.

Take a Gondola ride at The Venetian

In the evenings, this little attraction can get super busy (and you may end up waiting 20-30 minutes for your ride). In the mornings though, it’s much quieter and much more laid back. This definitely makes it a top things to do in Las Vegas in the morning.

Go shopping!

Las Vegas has loads of shopping malls, and they’re all open in the mornings! You can wonder around these malls for hours without visiting the same shops, so I’d definitely spend a morning just soaking it all in and enjoying the air-conditioned malls. If you’ve never visited before the mall at Caesars Palace is fantastic and quite an experience.

Learn to gamble

In the mornings, when the casinos are really quiet – you might be able to take some free lessons from the open tables. It’s a great chance to learn any games you’re not confident with yet, and it’s less pressure (because the demand for table spaces will be non-existant at that time).

Book a spa treatment

Vegas has loads of spa choice, but my favourite is the spa at Aria. You can book morning treatments to start your day right, and then relax in the spa amenities in the hours following. It’s a perfect, relaxing way to spend the morning in Las Vegas.

Visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an INCREDIBLE place to see, and it’s only a few hours from Las Vegas. There are loads of amazing tours that leave at about 7am from your Las Vegas hotel – so be sure to book yourself onto one! I recommend these tours – we had the time of our lives during our Pink Jeep Tour to the Grand Canyon.

Visit the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is only an hour or so out of London, and you can easily book a tour to take you there one morning. It’s pretty incredible to see, and offers up some amazing photo opportunities too. Just wow!

Get room service!

If you fancy a lay-in and you fancy spending the morning relaxing… have a lazy sleep and then enjoy room service! If you’re stopping at The Cosmopolitan Hotel (my favourite hotel in Las Vegas) then you also have a balcony to sit on and watch the world go by!


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