What are the best day trips from Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is an incredible city with so much to do and see, but there also some amazing places just outside the city you might want to take a day trip to. If you’re looking for the best day trips from Las Vegas, look no further!

Below are some of the best day trips from Las Vegas for all kinds of interests and budgets. For some of these, you’ll only need a rental car and a sense of adventure!

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon gives you a taste of the desert and the incredible landscape around Las Vegas – without having to go as far afield as The Grand Canyon. Red Rock is a beautiful National Park that your can reach in under an hour from the central strip and it’s somewhere you can spend the day walking around (or driving around) and enjoying the views. Loads of TV Shows (Star Trek included!) have been filmed here and there are so many places to see and views to enjoy.

red rock canyon las vegas day trips

Wild West Sunset BBQ Dinner Horseback Ride

This trip is an absolute must for anyone who wants to experience the wild west of the Nevada Desert, but still wants a nice warm bed to crash in back at their hotel.

The experience begins with a pick up from your hotel, and from there you’re whisked out to the ranch where friendly ranch hands get you saddled up and moving out, and then you’re in the midst of a landscape heralded by generations of the Paiute, and cowboys of old. You’ll get to see amazing wildlife, wide open skies, and eat a delicious barbecue out in the desert. It’s a chance of a lifetime to experience being a Cowboy, and it’s the only thing like it in Vegas.

Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour

Again you’ll be picked up from your hotel, and dropped off at the end of the trip, but this bus tour includes amazing views of the canyon, driving up the iconic route 66 and a stop at the Hoover Dam (of Goldeneye fame!). You’ll stop at two different

You get around three hours to explore the canyon, hike some light trails, or just soak in the views! The tour provides breakfast and lunch so that you’re not too peckish on your journey, and the final stop is at Kingman Arizona for burgers, so it’s definitely an experience! Sights and food – what more could you want?

day trips in las vegas grand canyon

Hoover Dam

A lot of Grand Canyon tours will take you via the Hoover Dam for 30 minutes or so, but if you want to explore the area in more detail then the Hoover Dam makes for one of the best day trips from Las Vegas. There’s loads to see around the Hoover Dam and you can take tours too and learn about the infrastructure in more detail too.

best day trips from las vegas

Lake Mead

In the summertime, Lake Mead is a beautiful spot and one of the best day trips from Las Vegas. The lake is huge, and has loads of activities to offer such as jet skiing, water sports, boating, sailing, hiking, etc. There is even fishing and canoeing you can take part in – so it really is a day trip destination with something for everyone. Here are some more of the things you can do in the Lake Mead area.

Lake Mead best day trips from las vegas

Death Valley National Park

This is the hottest, driest and lowest National Park in the USA, and it’s makes for an amazing day trip from Las Vegas. It doesn’t take too long to get there (about 2 hours drive in the car) and it’s an immense landscape to explore. Learn more about Death Valley here.

Area 51

If you love sci-fi, then you’ll need to take a roadtrip day trip to Area 51. This is one of the most mysterious and infamous areas around Las Vegas, and is famed for the conspiracy theories and rumours. A trip to Area 51 is a rare opportunity to visit the world’s most secretive military facility too – obviously you won’t get to visit inside, but you can drive alongside and imagine all the cray things inside.

area 51 day trips from las vegas

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