How can I visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?

If you’re wondering “how can I visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?” keep reading, we have the answers for you!

The Grand Canyon isn’t far from Las Vegas, and it makes a perfect day trip from the city. There are loads of ways to get there, so you’ll be able to take your pick from which method suits you (and your budget) best.

Road Trip to The Grand Canyon

There’s something about the Western American landscape that screams road trip. Open skies, dry desert earth – everything is expansive, and what better way to see it than through the windscreen of a car? Have your music blazing and enjoy the amazing Canyon and the amazing views along the way. 

best way to get to the grand canyon from las vegas

It’s around a 4 ½ hour drive – but it’s through some of the most amazing countryside imaginable. You pass right by the Hoover Dam too and through Area 51. As the drive is quite long we’d definitely recommend making this a two day trip in order to make the most of your time, but if there’s two (or more) of you, you could certainly split up the driving!

Make sure you take plenty of water with you, and if you’re going in the winter be sure to include warm clothes, too – the desert can get SUPER cold.

Bus / Coach Tour from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon

If you’re hot on the idea of a road trip, but you can’t drive (or don’t want to) then maybe a bus tour is the ideal compromise. A firm favourite is the South Rim Bus Tour. It’s way more comfortable than driving yourself, and the bus / coach tour will pick you up in the morning right from your hotel lobby. 

Most Canyon tours include the National Geographic Centre, as well as two amazing view points: Mather Point and Bright Angel Lodge. There’s also an option to take a variety of hikes along the trails from these in order to rejoin the bus tour later for the homeward journey! 

It’s also worth looking for tours that include sightseeing, helicopters and boats. This tour is a great one, as is this one from Pink Jeep Tours (which we did a couple of years ago and absolutely loved!).

Helicopter ride from Las Vegas over The Grand Canyon

If you’ve got the budget for it, we would definitely recommend this. Seeing the depths of the canyon from the sky is dizzying. Travelling along at the height of the treetops the rim of the canyon approaches, leaving a drop down to the colorado river below that is electrifying. This is a view your average traveller hasn’t got saved in their iphone – definitely snap a few photos to remember this amazing thrill ride whilst you’re up there.

There are quite a few companies offering Helicopter tours, but Papillion Helicopters has been a leader for some time now, as they’ve got exclusive landing rights with the Hualapai and Navajo. But there are lots of tours that leave from Las Vegas, like this one. 

Here we are halfway through our helicopter ride… 

how to get to the grand canyon from las vegas

How can I visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?

Hopefully we’ve helped answer your question… “How can I visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?” – let us know which way you chose to visit and how much you enjoyed it!

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