Best places to see the Grand Canyon (with photos!)

Honestly, nothing can prepare you for how big the Grand Canyon is. When I first saw it I couldn’t make my brain understand it at all, it was like a magical place of dreams, a vastness made by wind and rain and time. Finding the best places to see the Grand Canyon is important – so keep reading to make sure you see it in all it’s glory!

Actually choosing where to see the Grand Canyon from is pretty easy, whilst there are some ‘famous’ view points, the Canyon tends to look pretty amazing from wherever you see it from.

However, we’d definitely recommend checking off some key look-out points to ensure you’ve see the Grand Canyon in all it’s glory! After all, if you’re taking the time to visit this insane landmark, you want to make sure you’ve seen as much of it as you possible can.

Popular choice: Mather Point

First on my list of the best places to see the Grand Canyon, it’s Mather Point.

Everyone goes on about Mather Point – and it’s with good reason! This is one of the most popular spots to soak in the grand Canyon, and it’s usually busy and crowed. To avoid the crowds of this view point, I recommend getting there as early as possible – so you miss those big bus tour groups that tend to arrive after 9 or 10am.

Best places to see the Grand Canyon

Less crowds than Mather Point: Yavapai Point

Next on my list of best places to see the Grand Canyon, it’s Yavapai point. Similar landscapes and views to Mather Point, but with less crowds (as it doesn’t get frequented by as many tour groups). There’s plenty to see from here (obviously!) and the view spans for miles in front of you. This is a lovely place to see the Grand Canyon at sunset too!

list of Best places to see the Grand Canyon

Sunrise: Ooh Aah point

Next up on my list of best places to see the Grand Canyon, it’s Ooh Aah Point. Don’t you love the name?

This one requires a little bit of hiking in the dark, so pack a torch with you, and you’ll be working down hill so take it easy and gentle. This path is relatively easy though, and the view of the sunrise coming up from the other side of the canyon from Ooh aaah point though is truly something I will never forget.

It required getting up at 5am, catching the shuttle in in the dark, and hiking 1.8km downhill with a torch, but watch light return to the canyon, and see the colours change from inky blacks purples and blues to vibrant reds and greens was unforgettable. Of course, you can see this Grand Canyon view point in the day time too – and it’s just as beautiful!

Great all-rounder: Hopi Point

My next idea for Grand Canyon viewpoints, is Hopi Point. Hopi Point is one of the best all-rounders for viewing the Grand Canyon. The view from here really gives you a sense of the size and scope of the canyon, and that’s probably why it’s a real favorite for many people. This view point is located along Hermit Driveso it’s pretty easy to get to from Grand Canyon Village. This is a classic option for best places to see the Grand Canyon.

Anther thing I love about this view point of the Grand Canyon is how much it ‘sticks out’ into the Canyon itself. This gives you a really great angle on the drop – and makes for some pretty insane photography too!

places to see the Grand Canyon

Less busy: Mohave Point

If you want to escape the big crowds and tour buses, then Mohave point (near to Hopi Point) is a really good shout. It’s not far from Hopi Point at all, but it’s often overlooked and so the crowds don’t tend to gather here quite as much. This is a lesser known idea for best places to see the Grand Canyon, but it’s certainly a great choice.

There’s also a free shuttle to from Hopi Point to Mohave Point, which is pretty damn useful and makes seeing multiple viewpoints really simple and hassle-free.

grand canyon look out points

North rim: Bright Angel Point

My next location for best places to see the Grand Canyon, is Bright Angel Point. Bright Angel Point is one of the most popular places to see the Grand Canyon from the North Rim. It’s one of the must-see viewpoints over this side of the Canyon, so if you plan on spending time over at the North Rim, then this is a place to put on your list.

It’s really easy to get to Bright Angel Point, and the view are beautiful (as you’d expect).

grand canyon view points

For an amazing photo opportunity: Cape Royal

How could I write a list of best places to see the Grand Canyon, and not include my favorite photo spot in the Grand Canyon?

For an incredible photo opportunity, I don’t think you can beat Cape Royal. There’s just something about the rock formations in this part of the canyon that look so epic and stunning – making it well worth a visit. Why is it so scenic? Well it’s here that you’ll find Wotans Throne!

Cape Royal is actually located at the tip of the Walhalla Plateau, and it’s only a short drive from the North Rim visitor center (15 miles to be precise!). You’ll find a parking area, with a short trail (it’s easy enough) to reach the viewpoint.

Best places to see the Grand Canyon ideas

Sunset choice: Hermits Route lookout point

And last of all on my list of best places to see the Grand Canyon, it’s Hermits Route. This offers a view down Hermit’s route, a hiking trail that works its way down into the canyon itself, but this is the best place to get a glimpse of the sun sliding down into the Canyon. The sun seems to take forever to set, and it’s from here that you can really see how green and alive the canyon is. There’s no barriers to the canyon from here as it’s a trail head as well as a viewing point.

You can sit on the edge of the canyon and dangle your legs Into the dip if you’re feeling daring. We took a picnic up and ate it as the sun slid away and darkness fell over the canyon floor. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

I hope this list of the best places to view the Grand Canyon are useful!

Where’s your favourite spot to view the canyon from? Let us know in the comments! Also, if you fancy just taking a tour of the Grand Canyon (and you’re happy to let the professionals to all the work) then here are some amazing tours of the Grand Canyon I personally recommend…

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