Where is the best pizza in San Francisco?

Pizza is like a religion in San Francisco… and there are some incredible places to try out! 

Here are some of the best places to eat pizza in San Francisco, whether you’re just in the mood for a slice or an entire pie!


If you’re wondering where is the best pizza in San Francisco… and if you fancy authentic chicago-style deep dish pizza…  you have to go to Capo’s. The pizza here is delicious, cheesy, over-the-top and unforgettable and they also do thin and crispy pizza as well as their signature deep-dish. The restaurant feels like a mafia-style hang out, and the food is award winning too! They’ve won ‘World’s best pan pizza’ twice, and when you see the insane deep-dish pizzas coming out of the kitchen you’ll understand why!

Where is the best pizza in san francisco? Capos


There’s a lot of Tony’s in San Francisco; the guy is some kind of Pizza Polymath. He makes all different kinds, from Chicago Town Deep Dish, to Sicilian, to coal fired pizza and each one is the absolute pinnacle (he actually owns Capo’s above too). So if you’re looking for the best pizza in San Francisco… Tony himself has taken home numerous prizes, so any of his places make a safe choice. If you’re only going to get one pizza your entire time in SF; get one of Tony’s.

Where is the best pizza in san francisco? Tonys Pizza

Tommaso’s Ristorante Italiano

Tommaso’s Pizza is a San Francisco classic. For a restaurant frequented by Francis Ford Coppola (the Director of The Godfather) these pizzas come with serious clout. It’s pretty laid back, and perfect for a date or for grabbing a quick slice – so it’s also super versatile. The pizzas are all made with a wood fire in a brick oven, and they’ve got a real authentic feel to them too. Definitely worth it, and one of the best pizza in San Francisco.

Where is the best pizza in San Francisco? usa

Little Star Pizza

Little Star Pizza is a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike.  They have thin and crispy pizzas but also deep dish pizza too – if you fancy something a little different. You can choose your own toppings too, from things such as meatballs, roasted chicken and salami. Oh, and they not only have delicious pizza on the menu, but they also have plenty of beers on tap too!

What is the best pizza place in San Francisco

Pauline’s Pizza and Wine Bar

Pauline’s Pizza has got damn good pizza, and really nice wine. What more could you want? If you’re wondering ‘where is the best pizza in San Francisco?’ this place is a great neighbourhood-style place that is popular with locals. They’ve been making pizzas since 1985, and all their produce is locally sourced from Pauline’s organic gardens in Berkeley and the sierra foothills. It’s a great hit with the kids too, as they provide crayons to keep them occupied, and house wines on the cheaper end of the scale to take the edge off if they’ve been driving you mad all day! Design your own pizza, or go for one of theirs – but whatever you do, get a pesto pizza to share; it’s amazing!

Where is the best pizza in San Francisco?

Hopefully this blog post has helped guide you along the way to an amazing slice (or pie) of pizza! Let us know where you ate and which place you decided to try out! If you discovered another amazing pizza place that isn’t on this list… let us know!

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