Where are the best late-night restaurants in San Francisco?

Been out all night, or has your flight just got in and you’re ravenous?

Don’t stress – this list is a little snapshot of all of San Francisco’s late-night eats, and whilst SF might not be “the city that never sleeps”, It’s definitely “the city that stays up way past its bed-time to eat”

So don’t worry… there are plenty of late-night restaurants in San Francisco to choose from, and here are some of our favourites…

Where are the best late-night restaurants in San Francisco?

Keep reading to find out…


What is it? Contemporary American Diner, with a beautiful and a BRILLIANT burger.

Where is it? Devisadero on the corner of Hayes St.

What time until? 1am Fri & Sat, Midnight Sun-Thu

best late night eats in san francisco

Arinell Pizza 

What is it? Srsly good pizza, about as close to NY as you’re gonna get, sold by the slice by grungey staff, to grungey sounds. Best place to stop for a slice between bars!

Where is it? Mission Delores

What time until? Fri&Sat ‘til 1am, Weds&Thurs ‘til Midnight, 10pm every other night.

It’s tops coffee shop 

What is it? Our fave on this list! The most classic American Diner you’ll lay eyes on in the city, with red booths and bar stools, ENORMOUS milkshakes, and the best waffle sundae money can buy. It’s a slice of old americana and definitely not to be missed.

Where is it? Lower Haight

What time until? 3am Weds-Sat, 11pm Sun, Shut all other days.

best late night restaurants in san francisco

The Crew

What is it? Straight up, but amazing Korean food. Think: kimchi fried rice, fried chicken, and ramen to die for.

Where is it? The Sunset Dristrict

What time until? Until 2am, 7 days a week.

Dapper Dog

What is it? Hot Dogs – DUH! (They’re so good, honestly you’ve never had hot dogs like it!)

Where is it? The Castro

What time until? Mon-Wed until 11pm, Thu & Sun until 1am and Friday&Sat until 2:30am!


What is it? Roman style pizzeria, serving not only pizza but some of the best meatballs you’ll ever eat.

Where is it? 2 locations: The Marina District, and the Financial District

What time until? Until Midnight Thu-Sat

best late night restaurants in san francisco

Monks Kettle

What is it? A gastro pub with an amazing selection of Belgian Beers and a hearty menu (get the pretzels, we won’t tell you twice!) JK: GET THE PRETZELS!

Where is it? Mission Delores

What time until? ‘Til 1am daily.


What is it? Another Diner, I know, but they’re so good! It’s in an old railcar and serve both American and Portuguese classics.

Where is it? The Polk

What time until? 4am every day.

late night restaurants in san fran

Love & Haight

What is it? Bloody great sarnies, and the perfect antidote for that cocktail fuelled hangover you’ll have tomorrow.

Where is it? The Haight

What time until? Until 2am every night except Sundays when it’s only open ‘til 1am

The Den

What is it? A mirage of neon joy, and serving as WesBurger’s late-night, next door neighbour and sister. Get the Pimento Grilled Cheese – it’s so gooood.

Where is it? The Mission

What time until? 11pm-3am Fri & Sat only.

Horse Feather

What is it? A killer cocktail bar, with a menu cherry picking all the best bits of a wide variety of cuisines. Get the double cheeseburger – you won’t be disappointed.

Where is it? Inbetween Fell and Hayes street on the Divisadero.

What time until? 1am every. Single. Day.

Monsieur Benjamin

What is it? Are you feelin’ Faaaancy? If so, this Parisian bistro inspired, french cuisine serving, awesome drink making bar is yours for the taking! Think: escargot with garlic butter, and an ice cold glass of french Sauvignon.

Where is it? Hayes Valley

What time until? Midnight Daily.

Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop

What is it? Home of the king of late night donuts, with a signature crumble donut roughly the size of those zouped up BMX tires we’ve seen the kids riding.

Where is it? The Polk

What time until? ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. Bob’s will never let you down.

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