19 fun things to do in Sedona with kids

Are you heading to Sedona soon with your family? If so, you might be looking for things to do in Sedona with kids – to make sure you’ve got lots of ideas up your sleeve!

Do not worry my stressed parent friends – if you’re looking for things to do in Sedona with kids, we’ve got you covered! Even if you’re looking at this way ahead of time (well done for being organised) we’ve got a gorgeous list of things to do in Sedona with kids that keep them all happy. We’ve tried to include lots of ideas on this list, things to do in Sedona with kids, to suit all kinds of ages and interests!

So keep reading, and learn more about what to do in Sedona with kids!

Take a Pink Jeep Tour

First on my list of things to do in Sedona with kids, it’s a Pink Jeep tour! Sedona is right on the edge of so many amazing landscapes, and the chances are, they’ve heard about all these national parks and beautiful rock formations in their school lessons, so visiting it in real life and seeing it for themselves will be so exciting for them.

There are lots of tours available, but personally, I recommend the Pink Jeep Tours company – I’ve used them a couple of times and they’re always so great, fun and informative. Also – your child will love riding in a bright pink jeep – it’s so much more fun than a boring coach journey! They will be talking about it for years!

Click here to book yourself onto a Pink Jeep Tour from Sedona.

list of fun things to do in Sedona with kids

Bell Rock Pathway Hike

Next on my list of things to do in Sedona with kids, it’s the Bell Rock hike. This rock is one hell of a looker. It looks like a huge Bell and it is stunning with its characteristic Arizonan red striped rock formation. The trail itself is pretty easy and at being only 3.5 miles in a round trip you and the kids should be able to do it in about an hour and a half. 

You can climb the rock itself too for a nice flat spot to have a picnic with the kids and take in the views. Keep the kids close, and go slow over some of the trickier bits of climbing up the rock, and you’ll be making some great memories! 

Explore uptown Sedona

Sedona is a gorgeous city – you and the kids will find loads of amazing things to see and do there from shopping in Candle Magic to find crystals to take home with you, or getting an ice cream somewhere. So exploring Uptown Sedona is next on my list of things to do in Sedona with kids.

There’s also the Sedona Heritage Museum that’ll give you loads of Info about the surrounding area, and about the properties of the red rock that Native Americans believe is sacred. Mostly the museum focuses on the history of European settlers in the area, though, so if you’re looking for in-depth knowledge about ancient traditions you’ll want to look elsewhere. 

things to do with kids in Sedona list of ideas

Do the ‘Colarado river float’

This is one of my favorite things to do in Sedona with kids!

This lovely day trip is suitable for all ages, and it’s a really lovely day out for kids to experience and take part in with their families. You’ll be taken out to the beautiful Glen Canyon, and then you’ll get to cruise the mighty Colorado River on a HUGE river float. The ride is smooth, easy and relaxing – with incredible views and lunch included too! It’s a fun, safe and exciting 4 ½ -hour water tour and it departs from Sedona – so really convenient!

You can book your tickets by clicking here.

fun things to do in Sedona with kids

Sedona Stargazing

Something a little different now for things to do in Sedona with kids! Something everyone can enjoy from tiny kids, to big ones, to grownups. The crystal clear desert skies and very low light pollution means that you can experience heart achingly beautiful views of the universe. Lie on your backs in a circle and just gaze upwards; it’s all you need to do! 

I recommend doing a star-gazing tour if you can, it makes the experience much more fascinating, and it’s a great educational experience for kids (and adults). I love this particular star-gazing tour because they include some UFO information too – which kids will absolutely adore.  You’ll get to discover the hidden secrets hanging overhead as your UFO guide shows you the unexplained activity visible through military-grade night vision goggles (what kid wouldn’t LOVE that!?).

things to do in Sedona with kids

Camping in Oak Creek Canyon

Next on my list of things to do in Sedona with kids, it’s a bit of camping! Get the kids back to nature, and get yourself there too, by camping in the wild outdoors. My top tip would be to put all the phones in the glove box of the car and not touch them for the entire time you’re there!

There’s a 7 day limit on camping, and it’s usually best to try and book in advance. There’s loads of hiking and fishing to be done so keep your peepers peeled for trails you like the look of. 

Starlight 66 Lanes Bowling

This isn’t ‘the great outdoors’ but sometimes you want to keep your kids out of the sun, or just just fancy a day inside out of the heat. Bowling at Starlight lanes would be a great option for those kind of days, and every kid loves bowling.

You can order some ‘naughty’ food like fries and burgers, have a family competition, and just enjoy taking it easy! This is a great to have up your sleeve for things to do in Sedona with kids, and kids always love a bit of bowling.

Grand Canyon Railroad Tour From Sedona

Next up, for things to do in Sedona with kids, it’s a Grand Canyon railroad! Kids love trains and kids love the Grand Canyon – so this tour is a best of both worlds situation. Not only do you get to ride one of the most famous trains the country (the Grand Canyon railroad) you also get to visit the Grand Canyon!

Again, your kids will have definitely learnt about the Grand Canyon in their school lessons, so getting to see it in person will be really exciting for them! Make sure they take lots of photos to show their class when they get back home!

Click here to book yourselves onto the Grand Canyon railroad experience.

grand canyon rail road things to do in sedona

Boynton Canyon Trail

This ones good for the whole family, and you can even bring your dog along on a lead if you want to! Terrain varies from desert to forest, and is a beautiful spot to take some family photos and enjoy some time exploring. You could make a list of foraging items, and see how many the kids can find in the afternoon. Be sure to pack enough water as it can get HOT.

West Sedona Canyon: 3-Hour ATV Tour

If your kids are a little older (talking more teenagers, and 8-12 year olds, this isn’t the best idea for you. children who are under 6). But if your kids are older, then this ATV tour is a hit idea for things to do in Sedona with kids.

I don’t think you could find something they would love more – it’s just an epic day out, so much fun, and so enjoyable too. This is such a great idea for things to do in Sedona with kids, and the kids are guaranteed to love every second.

Click here to book yourself onto my recommended ATV tour from Sedona.

best fun things to do in Sedona with kids

Chapel of the Holy cross

Whether you’re religious, a big fan of architecture, you just like looking at beautiful things you’re likely to be stunned by this architectural feat. Go at a time when the sun hits the stained glass windows. Built in 1956 it sits in the red rocks and is almost a part of them. This is quite an educational option for things to do in Sedona with kids, but some kids will love learning about the history of the area!

Sedona Community Swimming Pool

Next on my list of fun things to do in Sedona with kids, it’s the community swimming pool!

This lovely little community swimming pool is an ideal place to take the kids on a hot summer day – so it’s worth adding to your list of things to do in Sedona with kids! The swimming pool is open from Memorial Day weekend (May 23) through to October, and there’s activities for all ages here. There’s even a water slide for the kids, lounge chairs (for the adults!) and a picnic area too.

It’s $2 for children and $3 for adults, so it’s a bargain!

Take a stroll down Main Street

Shops to look in, souvenir shopping, cafes, icecream – there’s plenty to do and see on main street – so enjoy it! Kids will love exploring and being able to look in shops and enjoy some delicious food! Sometimes it’s the simple things that kids love the most. Take a look at Tripadvisor for some advice on what to do in Main Street.

things to do with kids in Sedona main street

A hot air balloon expedition

I mean this will win you cool parent points if nothing else does! A hot air balloon ride over this stunning countryside is likely to make a holiday, and really give your whole family something exceptional to remember. An epic option for things to do in Sedona with kids, but it’d create some amazing family memories, that’s for sure!

Visit Harkins Cinema

OK, we know that you can visit a cinema in any town or city – but kids love to visit the cinema on vacation – and if you let them get all the popcorn and candy they want – it’s suddenly it’s the best day out ever. Harkins Cinema is the local cinema in Sedona, and this is a great option for rainy days (rare but they do happen!) to keep up your sleeve just in case.

It’s also a great idea for evenings, when you want to do an activity, but want to stay pretty low-key and relaxed. Definitely not the most exciting option on this list of things to do in Sedona with kids, but it’s a classic idea that will always be a hit.

Montezuma Castle

Built into the rocks like an impenetrable fortress from a Sci Fi movie, the Montezuma Castle was built out of mud and the rocks and was home to the Sinagua people between the 12th and 15th centuries. Definitely worth checking out! If your kids love Star Wars and sci-fi this might be a great things to do in Sedona with kids for them – because it reminds me of some of the film-sets for those movies.

Palatki world heritage site

This is the place to come to learn about the ancient traditions and history of the red rocks of Arizona, the Palatki world heritage site is a lovely place to teach your kids something about history. The UNESCO world history site remembers the Sinagua people who live dim this region, and died out for reasons unknown.

The word Palatki means red house, and refers to homes made out of the red rock cliffs and were inhabited between 1100 and 1359. The Rick art is also super interesting! 

Cathedral rock trail

Next on my list of fun things to do in Sedona with kids, it’s the Cathedral rock hike. A shorter hike with a lot less elevation gain, this ones great for littler kids as you won’t be out walking for quite so long. The sights are just as gorgeous as at other longer hiking trails, too! 

cathedral rock things to do with kids in Sedona

Sunset Park (and Ellie’s playground)

And last up on my list of things to do in Sedona with kids, it’s a playground! A normal playground, but located in the heart of Sedona – it’s a great option for things to do with kids in Sedona, especially if you need them to burn off some energy. Visit Ellie’s Playground and let them go loops around the slides and climbing frames – they’ll love it!

kids playground in sedona

We hope you and the kids have a rocking time in Sedona – let us know what you and your brood got up to in the comments! Hope this list of things to do in Sedona with kids has been useful and given you loads of inspiration!

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