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Top 10 Best Places for Glamping in California

Are you looking for the best places for glamping in California? There are some incredible glamping locations in California, so make sure you check out the amazing places for glamping on this list.

Glamping in California is one of the best ways to embrace the natural beauty of the state, and soak in the great outdoors in style!

The beauty of the great outdoors has drawn visitors to California for years, and it’s undeniably inspiring every time. However, though the smores that you consume whilst camping are always delicious, actually pitching a tent and organising your digs for the night can be, well, less than glamourous. If you love getting away from the hustle and bustle of California’s urbanity but don’t want to meddle with the wildlife quite so closely, then glamping in California may just be the answer to your prayers. 

Whether you’re planning to go glamping in Northern California or go glamping in Southern California – this list will have something for you!

romantic glamping in california

What is glamping?

A literal combination of the words glamorous and camping, it’s the luxury way to get outdoors without giving up those home comforts. I mean hey, camping just isn’t for everyone, so if you want to find out where best to ‘glamp’ in style, then read on, as we’ve whittled down the numerous options out there to include only the 10 best places for glamping in California!

There is glamping in northern california and glamping in Southern California and this list of glamping locations will run through all the best places!

best glamping in california

Treebones Resort: Big Sur

First on my list of places for glamping in California, it’s Treebones resort. Located in Central California is the famous Big Sur. Home to the stunning Santa Lucia Mountains, this is a stunning location to get in touch with nature. If you’re looking for a fine glamping location in Big Sur, then look no further than Treebones Resort.

With cliff-side yurts or small huts available, you’re sure to feel well-catered to yet distinctly in touch with the outside world here. Offering amazing farm-to-table food and designed so that you can hear the natural elements outside, it’s the closest that you can get to camping without the icky parts that can accompany traditional tents. With wonderful parks, beaches and trails nearby, this is a great place to glamp. 

glamping in california usa

Ventana: Big Sur

Next on my list of places for glamping in California, it’s Venata in Big Sur! Another wonderful glamping site in Big Sur is Ventana. With 15 luscious safari tents scattered across the massive 20-acre location, it features full plumbing, comfortable bedding and even a housekeeper that visits daily!

With an amazing infinity hot tub, a central feature of this resort, it’s absolutely got to be one of the most amazing glamping resorts in California.

glamping in northern california

Wellspring Ranch: Cayucos State Beach

Though Wellspring Ranch is technically a luxury B&B, it does offer several glamping options on Cayucos State Beach. With high-end yurts or a straw-bale home on offer, you’ll find that each option is fully furnished and includes a cozy fireplace to warm-up as the nights turn colder.

With organised hikes and plenty of activities set up at this ranch, it’s the perfect choice for first-time visitors to California. Definitely a must-see for glamping in California!

glamping in california 1

Safari West: Santa Rosa

Next on my list of places to experience glamping in California, it’s Safari West! If you’re really looking to get in touch with nature, then give Safari West’s glamping offering a whirl. Located on a wildlife preserve that’s home to over 900 animals, it’s available for overnight stays.

If you’re looking to experience a full-blown African safari right in the middle of Cali, then give this a shot. With the sounds of wildlife in the distance lulling you to sleep in your comfy canvas safari tent, you’re sure to get a restful night here. I love this place for glamping in California – it’s so unique!

best glamping locations in cali

Mendocino Grove Tent Camp: Mendocino

Located in Mendocino’s woodlands, this glamping spot is home to safari tents and Airstreams. These glam tents are fully equipped, and the roaring campfires allow you to cook up a hearty breakfast before undertaking any of the scenic hikes that are popular around here.

A location that really brings you back to basics without losing any of those luxury amenities, it’s a stunning spot to glamp in California. This is a great place for glamping in California!

best glamping in california

Carmel by the Sea

Carmel by the sea is my next place for glamping in California. With heated pools, scenic hiking trails and amazing views of the nearby mountains, this glamping spot gives you full access to the amenities at Saddle Mountain Ranch campground.

With fully functional Wi-Fi, comfortable bedding, a massive fire pit and BBQ facilities, there’s no shortage of amenities here to keep your stay comfortable. Gone are the days of nasty inflatable beds, this place makes sure you get to rest your head in style. This is a really luxurious place for glamping in California.

Mary Smith Campground: Lewiston Lake

Right by Lewiston Lake and the beautiful Trinity Alps, this campground is home to six amazing glamping cabins that fully protect you from the less glamourous parts of nature. This is a perfect place for glamping in California, especially if you love being by the water!

With massive queen beds that are kitted out with down comforters, you sure won’t find yourself missing hotel accommodation here. With multiple picnic tables available to guests, it’s the perfect place to indulge your inner nature-lover without having to share your food with the local wildlife!

lake side glamping in california

Autocamp: Yosemite

Yosemite is the ultimate place in California to get back to nature. Designed to feel like camping (but with all the amenities thrown in), Autocamp offers glamping in sleek Airstream trailers, luxury tents or larger wood cabins. Only 80 minutes from the huge National Park, it’s the perfect way to see the area.

This is one of my favourite locations for glamping in California! With fridges, air conditioning, showers, microwaves and an outdoor grill, it’s really all you could ask for! If you like the social side of camping, you can gather at the common fire pits and meet other guests if you wish to.

El Capitan, Santa Barbara

Located in Santa Barbara, El Capitan offers several different glamping options with a great number of home comforts. With yurts, wooden cabins, luxury tents or wooden lofts available, you’re sure to find the perfect glamping accommodation to suit your style.

With added extras like a heated pool and massages, this is a wonderful place to stay in Santa Barbara that has just the right amount of luxury. This is a brilliant location for glamping in California!

glamping in california

Boon Hotel: Guerneville

Located in a beautiful, secluded area near Guerneville, the tented rooms of the Boon Hotel have all the modern amenities that you could wish for. With a spa that’s set up to pamper you after a long day, it’s just the perfect glamping spot. One of the best aspects of this place? You get breakfast delivered to your room each morning!

I hope this list of places for glamping in California is helpful and inspiring!

There are plenty of places for glamping in northern california, and glamping in Southern California – so hopefully you’ve found a glamping location to suit your needs on this list! Glamping in California is so much fun – we think you’re going to love it!

15 Perfect Winter Weekend Getaways from NYC

Are you looking for winter weekend getaways from NYC? This list is full of gorgeous winter weekend destinations, all within easy reach of NYC, for that perfect weekend getaway.

If you find yourself in the depths of the dreaded winter blues, the city that never sleeps can sometimes feel inherently gloomy. To ward off the winter chills, you could either hunker down and stay in the city, or you could flee to one of the top winter weekend getaways near NYC, and get a change of scenery.

You’d be surprised at how many awesome getaways there are just outside the city, there are so many beautiful options and so many wonderful winter weekend getaways from NYC to explore and enjoy! So read on for my top winter weekend getaways from NYC!

Cedar Lakes Estate

First on my list of winter weekend getaways from NYC is Cedar Lakes Estate. A former summer camp that’s undergone a huge refurb to become a luxury adults-only retreat, this is the perfect place to come as a childless couple (or a couple that’s managed to leave the kids with their grandparents for the weekend!). 

With various cozy log cabins (featuring heated floors as a bonus), why not grab a bag of marshmallows and roast the night away at this stunning, snuggly getaway spot?

winter weekend getaways from NYC list

Deer Mountain Inn

With personal fireplaces galore, this zen panacea called Deer Mountain Inn is located just 2 hours outside of New York City is the perfect place to have a glass of wine and kick up those winter-hardened boots of yours. With a concierge service that’s designed to cater to your every whim, Deer Mountain Inn is a wonderful, indulgent getaway that’s more than worth the drive. This is an amazing option for winter weekend getaways from NYC.

best winter weekend getaways from NYC

Scribner’s Catskill Lodge

The next place on my list of winter weekend getaways from NYC, it Scribner’s Catskill Lodge. If you’re looking to propel down some serious slopes during the winter months but don’t want to take a full-blown skiing trip, a trip to Hunter Mountain may be just what the doctor ordered.

Though it’s equally acceptable to skip the slopes entirely and lounge around with a hot chocolate or three, this is a great place to dust your skis off and get moving through the crisp mountain snow. Only two and half hours outside of New York City, it truly gives some of the world’s best mountain ranges a run for their money. A beautiful option for winter weekend getaways from NYC!

Stone Harbor, NJ

Sometimes the best winter weekend getaways from NYC are the former summer hotspots. This rule certainly applies for the little beach town of Stone Harbour in New Jersey. It’s just over 2.5 hours in the car, so not too far too.

In the winter, this little beach town is all about wind in your hair, a brisk ocean breeze and the quiet atmosphere of a beach town in winter. The streets are also lined with lit-up Christmas trees in the seasonal months – which is kind of gorgeous and makes for a perfect winter weekend getaway from NYC.

winter weekend getaways from NYC

Farmhouse Catskills

With a dedicated mid-century vibe that exudes class and modern elegance, the Farmhouse Catskills are an excellent place to come for a winter getaway from NYC. This is a classic choice for winter weekend getaways from NYC.

Set against a backdrop that would make anyone jealous, it’s a guilt-free escape that will leave you feeling de-stressed for weeks to come. Only 2 hours away from the city, it’s the perfect distance for a quick, last minute getaway.

Castle Hotel and Spa

If you fancy yourself a royal but never quite made it round to getting the title, why not spend your weekend at the Castle Hotel and Spa? This is a beautiful choice for winter weekend getaways from NYC and promises a romantic and special break away from city life.

A mere 45 minutes from NYC, this beautiful hotel is located above the Hudson Valley. With stained glass windows and crystal chandeliers, it’s is a fairytale location that’s more than worth the short journey from the city.

castle hotel and spa weekend getaways in nyc

The Chanler at Cliff Walk

Next on my list of winter weekend getaways from NYC, it’s the Chanlet at Cliff Walk. Less than 200 miles from New York, The Chanler at Cliff Walk is close enough for a weekend getaway but feels world’s away with its general vibe. With a glamourous design that’s decorated in different period styles, it’s like stepping back into the golden ages. 

If you fancy yourself a Greek Revival fan for example, this is the perfect place to indulge your inner historian. With views of Easton Beach and acres of land, it’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

winter weekend getaways from NYC

Windham Mountain

If you’re travelling with kids that are ski enthusiasts, Windham Mountain is a wonderful getaway choice for the winter months and makes an ideal winter weekend getaway from NYC. Close to New York City and boasting over 12 miles of trails, Windham Mountain is one of the best places to get your ski on close to NYC. With a ski program in place for kids aged 4-9, it’s a great way to coach the next generation of skiers. 

If you’re looking for more relaxation, why not stay around the lodge and take in the picturesque views instead? It’s completely up to you! Only 2 hours and 45 minutes from the city, it’s the perfect short-stay ski option for New Yorkers. 

Windham Mountain weekend getaway NYC

Sahara Sam’s Indoor Water Park

Another great option for restless little ones is Sahara Sam’s Indoor Water Park. A mere 2 hours and 15 minutes from New York, this is a great place to chase away the winter blues.

With an atmosphere that feels like it’s tropical year-round, you can travel down slides and explore the area’s surf simulator if you fancy it. With endless activities for kids and adults alike, this is the perfect family getaway that might just trick you into thinking you’re in the Bahamas… A great choice for winter weekend getaways from NYC, especially if you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer!


Next on my list of winter weekend getaways from NYC, it’s Gardiner. An excellent small-town getaway for those looking for escapism, this beautiful town is a historic marvel. With an 18th century mill that’s the oldest in the state, it’s a great place to get your culture fix.

In addition, this area’s awesome rock formations are perfect for climbing, and there are numerous hiking trails to get your heart pumping. Excellent for the active go-getter, this is a great weekend getaway spot that promises not to disappoint.

Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk Mountain House is located on the edge of Lake Mohonk, it’s one of the most scenic lake-side hotels around New York and it’s only about 2 hours by car. You can also do 1.5 hours via Amtrak to Poughkeepsie, then finish the journey by 1 hour car ride from there.

The Mohonk Mountain House is nestled right on the edge of the lake, and it’s truly stunning. For a winter weekend getaway from NYC – you can’t ask for much more. You’ll have those beautiful lakeside views, an amazing cosy room, and you’ll feel a million miles from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. Just perfect, and super romantic too!


Perfect for self-confessed foodies, Hudson is my next option for winter weekend getaways from NYC. It is an excellent place to check out for a winter weekend getaway from NYC. Littered with eateries and boutique hotels with riverfront views, this is a beautiful place to de-stress. Why not spend the weekend wining and dining?

The Red Dot is said to be a top place to grab some brunch, whereas the café-meets-motorcycle store Moto Coffee Machine is a unique place to grab a stellar cup of coffee. Only two and a half hours from the city by car, it’s a great option for those who want to satisfy their stomachs during winter.


Next on my list of winter weekend getaways from NYC is Troutbeck in Amenia. This gorgeous, traditional-style hotel is located about 2 hours from NYC. This place is a 250 acre estate hotel, and is the perfect getaway from romantics, naturalists, humanists and poets. If you’re looking for somewhere oozing in romance and poetic beauty – then this is your ideal winter weekend getaway from NYC. If it’s good enough for Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and Ralph Waldo Emerson… It’s good enough for us!

Quebec, Canada

OK, this is slightly further away from NYC than the other suggestions on this list – but if you want to visit somewhere truly special – then Quebec in Canada is a perfect winter weekend getaway from NYC. It’s about an 8 hours drive away (with no stops), so you’ll want to set off ealy on Friday morning, and leave late on Sunday (or Monday) to get lots of time to explore.

If you don’t know much about Quebec, it’s truly magical in the winter time. It’s like entering a small, scenic, European village. There are independent stores, cobbled streets, fairy lights, Christmas trees… It’s like a story book! So romantic, and a perfect winter weekend getaway from NYC.

winter weekend getaways from NYC


Finally on my list of winter getaways from NYC, a getaway list from NYC wouldn’t be complete without mentioning good ol’ Philly. With plenty to explore from the Liberty Bell to the Benjamin Franklin Museum, it’s a great city to visit if you’re craving some American History.

Also known for its amazing food (I mean, cheesesteaks are everything), it’s the perfect place to grab some comfort eats whilst experiencing some of the best American attractions the country has to offer. 

winter breaks near new york

Hopefully this list of winter weekend getaways from NYC has been useful and given you loads of inspiration and ideas of weekend getaways during the winter!

There are so many brilliant winter weekend getaways near NYC – and this list is just a little sample of the amazing places you could explore! The east coast of the USA is definitely magical in winter time – so we think you’ll love this list and everywhere on it!

Romantic Places in Michigan: Perfect for a Weekend Getaway

Are you looking for the perfect romantic places in Michigan? This list has some of the most beautiful romantic getaways in Michigan to enjoy with a loved one!

You and your other half are feeling romantic… You’ve got a weekend to spare, where better to go than Michigan? This midwestern state offers pristine beaches, picturesque landscapes, and adorable little towns. I’ve made a countdown here of my favourite escape to for a romantic getaway in Michigan. 

The first three suggestions on this list I’ve gone into a little more detail about – these are places I adore and that I think are definitely the most romantic places in Michigan. After the top three, you’ll find some other beautiful suggestions for a romantic weekend in Michigan too! 

Mackinac island 

First on my list of romantic places in Michigan, it’s Mackinac Island. Take your Romantic getaway to an island where cars are forbidden and every moves with the slow pace of 100+ years ago: in foot, or via a horse drawn buggy. This island is a veritable jewel of quaint beauty.It’s a real adventure getting there, as it’s a 3.8 mile island in Lake Michigan, you can only reach it by boat, ferry, airplane or – get this – a snowmobile over an ice bridge in the depths of winter. 

romantic places in Michigan

Where to stay… 

When looking for romantic places in Michigan, you want to make sure you’re staying somewhere romantic too! Stay in the iconic Grand Hotel, which is home to the world’s longest porch for you and your lover to stroll along. You can take a horse drawn buggy into town and dine at one of its cute restaurants, get yourself some Mackinac fudge (an institution since the 1800s) and get a snap of the two of you under arch rock.

There’s loads for you two to get up to from strolling arm in arm along beaches to just chilling in nature. This is a romantic break for the couple who want to get away from it all, and it’s definitely one of the most romantic places in Michigan, hands down. 


Traverse City

This romantic getaway is definitely one of the most romantic places in Michigan! It’s a bit busier than the previous option, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less romantic. And actually if you’re looking for somewhere with a bit of a buzz, but that’s also a romantic places in Michigan – this could be it.

With its historic town center, lake homes, abundance of watery and landlocked activities, and a plethora of wineries and cherry orchards there’s plenty of romantic things for you to get up to in this gorgeous city. Michigan is the country’s biggest supplier of cherries too so be sure to share a pie here! 

the best romantic places in Michigan

Where to stay… 

Stay at the Grand Traverse Hotel and Spa (one of the most romantic hotel and romantic places in Michigan) so that you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of Traverse city whilst still being able to retreat to the calm tranquility of the plush spa robes, saunas and couples treatments whenever you want. Try Aerie Restaurant & Lounge for dinner and soak up the panoramic views of the city together. 


Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is my next suggestion for romantic places in Michigan for a weekend romantic getaway in Michigan. Welcome to Beer city USA, this romantic spot is a definite must see for a couple that likes to get out and into culture. You’ll find oodles of craft breweries, galleries, museums, food markets and boutiques and so much more in this final entry on our list of romantic getaways in Michigan.

If your idea of a romantic getaway is strolling through a city eating great street food, spotting vintage finds, and hopping from bar to bar In A romantic reverie – Grand Rapids is for you. 

the most romantic places in Michigan

Where to stay… 

Hotel Amway Grand Plaza is one of the most glorious and luxurious hotels in all of western Michigan. Opened in 1916, it has a huge gold leaf ceiling and two sparkling Chrystal chandeliers that make it feel like the Midwest’s answer to the Palace of Versailles. Head to the Lumber Baron Bar to sip on speciality cocktails in plush leather armchairs, basking in the glow of the fire and each other. A perfect escape for couples looking for romantic places in Michigan. 



Frankfort is a town (rather than a hotel) but it’s certainly one of the most romantic places in Michigan and somewhere you might want to check out! This town has everything you’d expect from a romantic getaway in Michigan; it’s located right along the lakeside, there’s clear water, beautiful sunsets, and those lovely historic homes too. Oh, and the Betsie Point Lighthouse isn’t far away – and that is a beautifully romantic place in Michigan to take a stroll!

romantic places in Michigan to visit for the weekend

Where to Stay…

Ideally, you’ll want to look around the out-skirts of Frankfort, when searching for somewhere to stay. In the countryside around the town you’ll find lovely B&Bs and boutique hotels. Stonewall Inn B&B is a fantastic choice, and it has so many amazing reviews online, and the outside of the property is what romantic getaway dreams are made of!

romantic places in Michigan

Castle in the Country

This little B&B is a really beautiful little property in Michigan. For me, I think Castle in the Country is definitely deserves a place on this list of most romantic places in Michigan! The little boutique hotel has 65 rolling acres of land, with incredible countryside views and landscapes to swoon over. There are only 10 rooms in the place too – so it’s very private and secluded.

the best romantic places in Michigan

Marv Herzog Hotel

Next on my list of romantic places in Michigan, it’s the Marv Herzog Hotel. This hotel looks like something out of a fairytale – it overlooks the nearby lake and the views would just be so romantic to wake up to in the morning. The local areas has Bavarian traditions and German heritage, and the hotel embraces this – so the atmosphere and service is really friendly and welcoming. The rooms remind me of alpine lodges, each offering a cosy retreat and the perfect romantic setting. Definitely one of the best romantic places in Michigan.

romantic places in Michigan.

Chateau Chantal

What kind of a list of romantic places in Michigan would this be, if we didn’t include a hotel in a Vineyard? Chateau Chantal is just that! This stunning hotel is one of the most picturesque and romantic getaways you can have in Michigan, and it boasts beautiful views, a vineyard, a beach and even interesting local history.  Oh, and the breakfast is amazing!

romantic places in Michigan hotel recommendations

Victoria Resort Bed & Breakfast

This next hotel on my list of most romantic places in Michigan is the Victoria Resort B&B. I love the style and sophistication of this resort, and it has so many amenities, that make it perfect for a romantic getaway in Michigan. The hotel is really close to the lake, giving couples super easy access to the water, and (of course) there are beautiful views too. Some of the cottages on site even come with a romantic fireplace and a whirlpool tub! A perfect choice for romantic places in Michigan!

romantic places in Michigan for weekend

We hope this gives you a few ideas on how to spend a romantic getaway in Michigan – let us know if you’ve found a romantic spot that we’ve not spied!