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Top 15 luxury beachfront hotels in California

Are you looking to escape to the beaches of California? If so, you may be looking for the best luxury beachfront hotels in California!

So you’re looking for the perfect luxury beachfront hotels in California to spend some time relaxing and recharging… Hopefully this list will give you some ideas!

A relaxing alternative to the urbanity of California’s biggest city, we’ve scouted out of the best luxury beachfront hotels in California. A state with almost 1000 miles of coastline, there’s sure to be a beachfront that suits you down to the ground. Whether you’re staying in Santa Monica or Los Angeles, we’ve rounded up the best luxury beachfront hotels in California for you to take a look at!

Shutters on the Beach, Santa Monica

First on my list of luxury beachfront hotels in California, it’s Shutters on the Beach. Located in Santa Monica, Shutters on the Beach is a breezy, chic hotel has an amazing cocktail lounge and two major restaurants.

Just moments from the Santa Monica coast, this top-notch luxury beachfront hotel is the perfect getaway in Santa Monica that’s sure to relax and rejuvenate tired city workers. It’s cool, modern beach-comber style decor is perfect for switching off and feeling relaxed.

luxury beachfront hotels in California

San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara

This is my next pick for luxury beachfront hotels in California. Located at the foot of the Santa Ynez Mountains, this wonderful beachfront property dates all the way back to 1893! Not only does this beachfront hotel have a great degree of history, but it’s seen several famous faces over the years.

In fact, this ranch in Santa Barbara even hosted JFK and Jackie Kennedy back when they took their honeymoon! With amazing private cottages and a breath-taking set of gardens, it’s a slice of paradise that needs to be seen to be believed. 

list of luxury beachfront hotels in California

Rosewood Miramar Beach, Santa Barbara

Located in sunny Santa Barbara, this luxury beachfront hotels in California is located on the stunning Miramar Beach. If you’re coming on holiday to chill out, then this perfectly maintained West Coast resort is the ideal spot to do so, it oozes luxury and every little detail in this stunning hotel seems to be looked after and perfected.

With lavish bedrooms and picture-perfect pools, it’s the epitome of Californian paradise. And you just can’t beat that incredible sunset too…

luxe beachfront hotels in California

Oceana, Santa Monica

This stylish and stunning hotel is located right on the right at Santa Monica. You’re so close to neighbourhoods like Beverley Hills (should you wish to shop ‘til you drop!) but you also have the beach literally a minutes walk from the front door too. Oceana is a winner from all angles.

This trendy but tranquil hotel in the heart of Santa Monica is a magnificent spot to zen out. Beautiful inside and out, it’s got a five-star service, with personalised experiences promised for all guests. This is one of my favourite luxury beachfront hotels in California, because it’s also really affordable too!

the best beachfront hotels in California

Hotel del Coronado, San Diego

Another amazing choice for luxury beachfront hotels in California, it’s Hotel del Coronado. If you’re looking to stay on the oceanfront but don’t want to be too far from the city of San Diego, then Hotel del Coronado is an amazing spot to choose to base yourself. The hotel itself is so luxurious and eye-catching, you know from the second you arrive that it’ll be a vacation to remember!

Feeling worlds away from city life, this luxury resort is home to soft sands and castle-like turrets. Serving memorable food and boasting an amazing list of prior guests (Marilyn Monroe, anyone?), it’s absolutely one of San Diego’s most luxurious spots. This is such a great choice if you’re looking for luxury beachfront hotels in California.

beachfront hotels in California

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur

Big Sur is home to some of the state’s most luxurious accommodation, including the Post Ranch Inn. Whilst this ranch isn’t ‘on the beach’ it is ‘on the ocean’ – as you’re right on that famous Big Sur cliff edge overlooking the crashing waves. A perfect choice for luxury beachfront hotels in California if I ever saw one!

Though it’s rooted in nature, you needn’t slum it when you come to visit. At Post Ranch Inn, you have your pick of luxurious private suites that offer unparalleled views of the sea. If you want to stay in bed and just watch the world go by, this is your best call on our list. There are so many incredible activities on offer here, it’s not just about relaxation – but about exploring new hobbies and interests too. Also, the pool is beyond incredible!

beachfront hotels in Cali

Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay

Only an hour away from San Francisco but feeling miles away from the city, the Ritz Carlton’s Half Moon Bay is one of California’s top beachfront resorts. With stylish rooms that overlook amazing coves, this property is one that never under-delivers in the luxury department.

With a spa that caters to your every whim and private fire pits where you can wile the night away, it’s a stunning place to escape the city without missing out of its wonderful sights. This is a really classic and traditional hotel, but still a fantastic choice for luxury beachfront hotels in California.

Ritz Carlton’s Half Moon Bay

Terranea Resort, LA

With incredible views of the Pacific, the Terranea Resort is certainly deserving of a spot of this list of luxury beachfront hotels in California. A 5-star hotel that certainly lives up to its rating, you’ll receive unparalleled service here whilst you indulge in amazing food and spa treatments galore.

Located just south of LA, this oasis offers a huge 582 guest rooms, and even has a private beach on property. This is one of my favourite luxury beachfront hotels in California, because of the sheer size and location of the resort!

the top beachfront hotels in California

Four Seasons Hotel, Santa Barbara

Another stunning choice in Santa Barbara is the Four Seasons Hotel, which fully epitomises the beauty of the Riviera. With acres upon acres of luscious grounds and palm trees, you can spend all day just soaking up the California rays.

This hotel has some amazing 1920s architecture, so make sure you check that out if you happen to pay this place a visit. With an amazing spa to boot, this is one hotel that should be well-considered if you’re stay in Santa Barbara. Four Seasons never disappoint, so obviously this is a great choice for luxury beachfront hotels in California.

The Lodge: Pebble Beach

My next suggestion for luxury beachfront hotels in California…. This historic hotel is one of the finest beachfront offerings in California, The Lodge at Pebble Bay is just beautiful. With each room having a wood-burning fireplace and stunning ocean views, you’d be hard-pressed not to feel relaxed here.

The spa at Pebble Beach is also world-renowned. With treatments incorporating native plants from the Peninsula, prepare to be pampered into oblivion at this oceanfront resort. 

pebble beach hotel california

Ventana Resort : Big Sur

Another stunning resort in Big Sur, Ventana is a place to relax and indulge in nature’s wonders. As this resort is set in the woods, its detailing makes you feel like you’re at one with your surroundings. With a constant ocean breeze and private balconies that give you unparalleled views, you’re sure to have a memorable vacation here.

This is a slightly different suggestion for luxury beachfront hotels in California, as it’s more ‘glamping’ – but still luxurious and amazing!

glamping in northern california

Malibu Beach Inn

Known for its wonderful beaches, Malibu Beach Inn is THE place to come if you’re looking for a luxury beachfront hotel. On a stretch of coast known as Billionaire’s Beach, the Malibu Beach Inn is certainly a splurge and a half. This is a wonderful choice of luxury beachfront hotels in California, I mean just look at that terrace in the photo below!

As well as being located on an aptly named beach, this is also the perfect place to catch some waves if you’re keen on surfing. We must say, you’ll certainly feel as though you’re in paradise each day you’re booked in here! 

beachfront hotel in california

Skylonda Lodge: Woodside

Skylonda Lodge is the next hotel on my list of beachfront hotels in California. Touting itself as a place where visitors can experience a luxury lifestyle makeover, it has more amenities than you can count.

With fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and relaxation being important buzzwords to this beachfront hotel, it’s an amazing serene getaway in Woodside that should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a place to refresh your senses and feel utterly revived. Whilst it’s not right on the beach, it’s only a short drive away, and the beautiful grounds of this secluded retreat make it worth-while visiting regardless.

Ritz Carlton: Laguna Niguel

And finally on my list of luxury beachfront hotels in California…. A luxury spot that’s picture perfect in every way, the Ritz Carlton’s Laguna Niguel is the kind of place that you see in the movies. With every inch of this place looking picture-perfect and every staff member on hand to cater to your every whim, this place takes luxury seriously.

Including private balconies that offer sweeping ocean views, this particular beachfront hotel is one for the books. 

luxury hotel in california

Hopefully this list of luxury beachfront hotels in California has been useful and given you lots of ideas for your next getaway!

California is so huge and there are so many stunning hotels in the state, but stopping in one of these luxury beachfront hotels in California has to top them all. Being by the sea is what California is ALL ABOUT. Hearing the ocean waves, taking life a little slower, and soaking in that Cali sunshine. I don’t think you could find a better vacation than stopping in one of these luxury beachfront hotels in California. Right?

Let me know which is your favourite on this list of luxury beachfront hotels in California and which you’d love to stop in the most!