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Top 115 things to do in Las Vegas in 2020

There is so much to in Las Vegas…

We visit the city a couple of times a year and we’re nowhere near discovering everything this city has to offer (although we’ll always give it our best try). We love it here for that very reason, there is ALWAYS something new to see or do in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is always changing, year on year. There are new hotels, new bars and new performers – and of course classic attractions and activities you just won’t want to miss out on. With all this choice, we thought it’d be a good idea to put everything into on HUGE list of the top 115 things to do in Las Vegas.

So here it is… our ULTIMATE list of things to do in Las Vegas.

The top 115 things to do in Las Vegas in 2020… Enjoy!

  1. Watch the Bellagio Fountains
  2. Learn to gamble (pick a quiet table and ask them to teach you!)
  3. Visit the Bellagio Gardens / Conservatory and see what the amazing theme is
  4. See the city from the High Roller observation wheel
  5. Visit Red Rock Canyon (a 20 min drive out of the city)
  6. Visit the new trendy food hall “Block 16” at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and try everything!
  7. Go shopping in The Forum Shops 
  8. Spend the afternoon playing gold at Top Golf Las Vegas 
  9. Rent a pool cabana for the day
  10. Get a limo transfer from the airport
  11. Take a look at the Wynn waterfall
  12. Of all the things to do in Las Vegas, this is one that will amazing you! Watch ‘O’ from Cirque du Soliel.
  13. Play Shuffleboard in The Cosmopolitan Hotel’s sports bar (here’s a refresher on the rules)
  14. Grab a midnight snack at Egg Slut
  15. Try out the Bellagio buffet
  16. Ride the NYNY rollercoaster ride
  17. Visit the Neon Museum in downtown Las Vegas 
  18. Visit the Trevi Fountain outside Caesar’s Forum Shops
  19. Feel romantic and watch ‘La Reve’ at The Wynn Hotel
  20. Enjoy fountains views from the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s balcony rooms 
  21. Order room service
  22. Shop till you drop at the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood
  23. Watch King Arthurs Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur Hotel
  24. Watch the sunset from your hotel room
  25. Catch a star in concert (see who is currently performing)
  26. Take a Gondola Ride at the Venetian Hotel 
  27. Try insanely huge burgers at Black Tap Burgers
  28. Shop at a GUCCI store in the Bellagio
  29. Eat at Eataly at Park MGM Hotel
  30. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower at The Paris Hotel (a classic thing to do in las vegas!)115 things to do in las vegas
  31. Go wedding dress shopping at David’s Bridal (just off the the strip)
  32. Visit M&M World
  33. Have breakfast at Denny’s
  34. Visit the famous Las Vegas road sign (be prepared to wait in line for a photo though!)
  35. Visit the flamingo habitat at the Flamingo Hotel
  36. Watch “Ka” by Cirque du Soliel
  37. Stroll the streets of New York in the New York New York Hotel
  38. Have a drink in the Coyote Ugly bar in the New York New York Hotel
  39. Visit the Mob Museum
  40. Jump on the monorail
  41. Ride the SkyScreamer at the MGM Grand theme park
  42. Grab a Starbucks and watch the world go by
  43. Take a day trip to the Grand Canyon
  44. Take a day trip to the Hoover Dam
  45. Watch the volcanic eruptions of the Mirage Hotel
  46. Rent a limo for the night and live it up in style
  47. Spend the day at a Las Vegas pool party
  48. Visit a pawnshop in the city (made famous by a few tv shows!)
  49. Spend the day by the pool 
  50. Experience the ‘Dive-in Movies’ at the Cosmopolitan Hotel
  51. See Nascar or other races on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  52. Dance the night away at one of the city’s best night clubs
  53. Try a burger at Gordon Ramsey’s BGR restaurant
  54. Put it all on black (well, $20 maybe!)
  55. Visit the Luxur hotel and marvel at the size of the atrium
  56. Visit the top of the Stratosphere Hotel on their famous observation deck
  57. Enjoy a 3 course meal at the Stratosphere revolving restaurant
  58. Go on a hotel-crawl, and try and visit every hotel on the strip in one day 
  59. Watch a boxing match
  60. Skyjump from the Stratosphere Tower
  61. Take a walk around Madam Tussauds at the Venetian Hotel
  62. Ring in the New Year (and watch the fireworks)
  63. Sing along to live music at ‘Nine Fine Irish Men’ Irish bar in the New York New York Hotel
  64. Eat a steak at one of the many steakhouses
  65. Spend some cash in the Las Vegas outlet Centre
  66. Take a trip to Adventuredome, in the Circus Circus Hotel.
  67. Planet 13 Las Vegas, a cannibis dispensary
  68. See the parrots at The Tropicana Hotel
  69. Experience the amazing view from The Foundation Room bar in the Mandalay Bay Hotel
  70. Try out the Cosmopolitan Hotel Buffet
  71. Visit The Shark reef at Mandalay Bay
  72. Learn how to play Craps (you might win big!)115 things to in las vegas 2019
  73. Play on the penny slots (and try to win!)
  74. Eat pizza from the New York New York Hotel
  75. Watch the “Hail Caesar!” Atlantis Fountain Show at the Forum Shops
  76. Catch a movie at the local cinema
  77. Walk along Freemont Street in the day
  78. Walk along Freemont Street in the night
  79.  Get married in one of the city’s famous chapels
  80. If you dare, try out the Slotzilla zip line
  81. Relax on the beach at the Mandalay Bay Hotel
  82. Book a helicopter ride over the Las Vegas strip
  83. Book a hot air balloon ride from the dessert
  84. Do the open top bus tour and learn some new tourist trivia
  85. Book a spa treatment (we recommend the Aria spa!)
  86. Have a drink in the chandelier bar in the Cosmopolitan Hotel
  87. Take a selfie with a street performer along the strip
  88. Take some photobooth snaps in Urban Outfitter (Planet Hollywood)
  89.  Visit the pinball hall of fame and test out your skills
  90. Eat your weight in food at The Heart Attack Grill
  91. Experience Michelin starred dining at Alize restaurant 
  92. Take a stroll around Macy’s
  93.  See the world’s largest collection of gambling books: Gambler’s Book Club
  94. Jump in a taxi and see the strip from the roads
  95. Try the Rio zipline experience
  96. Visit Hersey’s chocolate world
  97. Watch a magic show (we recommend Penn and Teller!)
  98. Drive out to Route 66
  99. Eat at The Cheesecake Factory in the Forum Shops
  100. Take a selfie in front of Binion’s Hotel downtown
  101. Track down ‘Secret Pizza’ in The Cosmopolitan Hotel and have a midnight snack
  102. Get Your Rock On At The Hard Rock Hotel
  103. Tour The Banger Brewery In Downtown Las Vegas
  104. Look at the ceiling art in The Venetian Hotel
  105. Walk the entire strip
  106. Do the Las Vegas Marathon
  107. Visit Mermaid Cove at the Silverton Hotel
  108. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (outside the New York New York Hotel)
  109. Do a Grand Canyon helicopter tour 
  110. Spend the night laughing at one of the city’s many comedy nights
  111. Visit a gun range, and try your hand at (safe) shooting
  112. If you’re into it… Check out one of the city’s many sex shops
  113. Put your foot down… and hit the gas at Speedvegas
  114. Spurge on a penthouse or a room upgrade (it’s not as much as you’d think) 115 things to in las vegas 2019
  115. Sip cocktails at a rooftop bar

How can I visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?

If you’re wondering “how can I visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?” keep reading, we have the answers for you!

The Grand Canyon isn’t far from Las Vegas, and it makes a perfect day trip from the city. There are loads of ways to get there, so you’ll be able to take your pick from which method suits you (and your budget) best.

Road Trip to The Grand Canyon

There’s something about the Western American landscape that screams road trip. Open skies, dry desert earth – everything is expansive, and what better way to see it than through the windscreen of a car? Have your music blazing and enjoy the amazing Canyon and the amazing views along the way. 

best way to get to the grand canyon from las vegas

It’s around a 4 ½ hour drive – but it’s through some of the most amazing countryside imaginable. You pass right by the Hoover Dam too and through Area 51. As the drive is quite long we’d definitely recommend making this a two day trip in order to make the most of your time, but if there’s two (or more) of you, you could certainly split up the driving!

Make sure you take plenty of water with you, and if you’re going in the winter be sure to include warm clothes, too – the desert can get SUPER cold.

Bus / Coach Tour from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon

If you’re hot on the idea of a road trip, but you can’t drive (or don’t want to) then maybe a bus tour is the ideal compromise. A firm favourite is the South Rim Bus Tour. It’s way more comfortable than driving yourself, and the bus / coach tour will pick you up in the morning right from your hotel lobby. 

Most Canyon tours include the National Geographic Centre, as well as two amazing view points: Mather Point and Bright Angel Lodge. There’s also an option to take a variety of hikes along the trails from these in order to rejoin the bus tour later for the homeward journey! 

It’s also worth looking for tours that include sightseeing, helicopters and boats. This tour is a great one, as is this one from Pink Jeep Tours (which we did a couple of years ago and absolutely loved!).

Helicopter ride from Las Vegas over The Grand Canyon

If you’ve got the budget for it, we would definitely recommend this. Seeing the depths of the canyon from the sky is dizzying. Travelling along at the height of the treetops the rim of the canyon approaches, leaving a drop down to the colorado river below that is electrifying. This is a view your average traveller hasn’t got saved in their iphone – definitely snap a few photos to remember this amazing thrill ride whilst you’re up there.

There are quite a few companies offering Helicopter tours, but Papillion Helicopters has been a leader for some time now, as they’ve got exclusive landing rights with the Hualapai and Navajo. But there are lots of tours that leave from Las Vegas, like this one. 

Here we are halfway through our helicopter ride… 

how to get to the grand canyon from las vegas

How can I visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?

Hopefully we’ve helped answer your question… “How can I visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?” – let us know which way you chose to visit and how much you enjoyed it!

What are the best day trips from Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is an incredible city with so much to do and see, but there also some amazing places just outside the city you might want to take a day trip to. If you’re looking for the best day trips from Las Vegas, look no further!

Below are some of the best day trips from Las Vegas for all kinds of interests and budgets. For some of these, you’ll only need a rental car and a sense of adventure!

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon gives you a taste of the desert and the incredible landscape around Las Vegas – without having to go as far afield as The Grand Canyon. Red Rock is a beautiful National Park that your can reach in under an hour from the central strip and it’s somewhere you can spend the day walking around (or driving around) and enjoying the views. Loads of TV Shows (Star Trek included!) have been filmed here and there are so many places to see and views to enjoy.

red rock canyon las vegas day trips

Wild West Sunset BBQ Dinner Horseback Ride

This trip is an absolute must for anyone who wants to experience the wild west of the Nevada Desert, but still wants a nice warm bed to crash in back at their hotel.

The experience begins with a pick up from your hotel, and from there you’re whisked out to the ranch where friendly ranch hands get you saddled up and moving out, and then you’re in the midst of a landscape heralded by generations of the Paiute, and cowboys of old. You’ll get to see amazing wildlife, wide open skies, and eat a delicious barbecue out in the desert. It’s a chance of a lifetime to experience being a Cowboy, and it’s the only thing like it in Vegas.

Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour

Again you’ll be picked up from your hotel, and dropped off at the end of the trip, but this bus tour includes amazing views of the canyon, driving up the iconic route 66 and a stop at the Hoover Dam (of Goldeneye fame!). You’ll stop at two different

You get around three hours to explore the canyon, hike some light trails, or just soak in the views! The tour provides breakfast and lunch so that you’re not too peckish on your journey, and the final stop is at Kingman Arizona for burgers, so it’s definitely an experience! Sights and food – what more could you want?

day trips in las vegas grand canyon

Hoover Dam

A lot of Grand Canyon tours will take you via the Hoover Dam for 30 minutes or so, but if you want to explore the area in more detail then the Hoover Dam makes for one of the best day trips from Las Vegas. There’s loads to see around the Hoover Dam and you can take tours too and learn about the infrastructure in more detail too.

best day trips from las vegas

Lake Mead

In the summertime, Lake Mead is a beautiful spot and one of the best day trips from Las Vegas. The lake is huge, and has loads of activities to offer such as jet skiing, water sports, boating, sailing, hiking, etc. There is even fishing and canoeing you can take part in – so it really is a day trip destination with something for everyone. Here are some more of the things you can do in the Lake Mead area.

Lake Mead best day trips from las vegas

Death Valley National Park

This is the hottest, driest and lowest National Park in the USA, and it’s makes for an amazing day trip from Las Vegas. It doesn’t take too long to get there (about 2 hours drive in the car) and it’s an immense landscape to explore. Learn more about Death Valley here.

Area 51

If you love sci-fi, then you’ll need to take a roadtrip day trip to Area 51. This is one of the most mysterious and infamous areas around Las Vegas, and is famed for the conspiracy theories and rumours. A trip to Area 51 is a rare opportunity to visit the world’s most secretive military facility too – obviously you won’t get to visit inside, but you can drive alongside and imagine all the cray things inside.

area 51 day trips from las vegas

Best foodie restaurants in Las Vegas

When you’re in a city like Las Vegas, it’s easy to get caught up in the chain restaurants and the fast food options – but for some of us, we just want something more. Don’t worry though, Las Vegas is an amazing city for food-lovers and foodies, and if you’re after some recommendations then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the best foodie restaurants in Las Vegas…

¡Salud! Tacos

Honestly an amazing selection of Tacos, that are just the best tasting thing. Recently opened at Palace station after the success of their first restaurant in San Diego this is definitely a Must. Eat. Head over for Taco Tuesday where you get a 3 Taco Deal!

best foodie restaurants in las vegas

The Factory Kitchen

Like an actual Italian Trattoria, but in the heart of Las Vegas. Mains range from $20-40 but are definitely worth it, because the food is 10/10. The result of a long standing friendship between Restaurateur Matteo and Chef Ferdinandi, the two wanted to bring real Italian food and hospitality to the game, and they definitely deliver.

The Factory Kitchen - best foodie restaurants in las vegas

Greene St. Kitchen

Greene St Kitchen is right up our alley – great food, great art, and it’s sort of a secret. Entrance is through an arcade, so already we’re living an early 1980s Tron fantasy. You step through a soda-machine door and into a restaurant that is plastered with Graffiti, posters, and pop culture references that feel very 1970s NYC Soho glam, and that’s exactly what it wants to emulate. The menu is amazing with everything from burgers to grilled octopus – and it has plenty of plant-based options for the vegans in the group!

Greene St. Kitchen best foodie restaurants in las vegas 2019

Andiamo’s Steak House

Located in downtown Las Vegas (inside the D Hotel) Andiamo’s is the ultimate steakhouse. If you want to feel like you’ve gone back in time to the 60’s and you’re dinging amongst the sophisticated and elite, in some mobster hide-out / gentlemen’s club, this is where you need to go. The service is impeccable, the food is insanely delicious and the atmosphere is great. We can’t recommend this place highly enough – it’s always somewhere we visit when we’re in Vegas.

best steakhouse in las vegas for foodies


Blume is a brand new restaurant with a real flair for presentation, this restaurant makes insta worthy dishes that taste as amazing as they look! The Korean short ribs with a fig glaze and caramelized shallots is mouth-wateringly good, and the starters offer a wide selection from amazing crab cakes to a bao bun with pork jowl.

Blume best food enthusiast restaurants in las vegas

Honey Salt

Honey Salt is the BEST brunch spot in Vegas. We get it, you’ve been up all night, winning thousands on a game, marrying your pal, or seeing a show. You need feeding, and you need it now; Honey Salt is your friend. They’ve got Hair of the Dog, and Bubbles Brunch at $19 a head for bottomless drinks (who can say no to that?) and the food is honestly SO. GOOD. Get the Biloxi Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich to really beat that hangover.

Honey Salt best foodie restaurants and cafes in las vegas


Ferraro’s is an absolute stalwart of the Las Vegas culinary scene, and definitely worth a visit. As the second Italian restaurant on this relatively short list it’s really stood the test of time, having been around for 30+ years! It’s family owned and operated, and provides fresh, amazing, great quality Italian dishes paired with a pretty impressive wine list. They serve a full dinner menu until 2am (and here’s a little tip: diners between 11pm and 2am get 20% off their bill).

Rollin Smoke BBQ

If you love BBQ food (Brisket, ribs, brunt ends, burgers… all the good stuff) then no trip to Las Vegas would be complete without a little jaunt to Rollin Smoke BBQ. This place has a cult following people love it SO much. Get there early evening (around 5pm) so avoid long wait times.

Block 16 Urban Food Hall (at the Cosmopolitan Hotel)

Block 16 Urban Food Hall is a brand new addition to the Cosmopolitan Hotel and it’s already becoming a firm favourite for foodies and food lovers in the city. Basically, it’s a food hall stuffed full of different food vendors from around the city, where you can try all their best stuff. If you’re in the kind of mood to try everything and anything – this place won’t disappoint. There’s burgers, fried chicken, donuts, sushi, chicken wings… Just to name a few things.

Block 16 Urban Food Hall



Which hotel has the best swimming pool in Las Vegas?

If you’re planning to visit Las Vegas in Spring or summer… You’ll definitely want to give some thought towards the hotel swimming pool? Why you might ask? Because Las Vegas gets crazy hot in the spring and summer, and you’ll definitely want a gorgeous swimming pool to relax in during those hot mornings and afternoons.

Luckily, Las Vegas has some of the most amazing swimming pools in the country, and the city is full of them.

But which hotel has the best swimming pool in Las Vegas?

Here’s what we think, and where we’d want to spend our day sunbathing…

If you’re ever in doubt though, a great tip we’ve picked up is to check out instagram hashtags and see what images people are uploading of the pool area. You’ll usually get a really good impression of what to expect and how much people are enjoying it.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel

If you want a hotel with a view, then this is the one for you. The main pool at the Cosmopolitan Hotel is just CRAZY cool. With views over the strip, and an amazing multi-tier layout, it’s just amazing. The pool is huge, the sun beds are comfortable, and in the summertime they even have late-night ‘dive-in’ movies playing on a big screen above the pool (which you can watch for free!).

The Aria Hotel

If you’re looking for a more laid back vibe, and you want to have plenty of space – then the pools at Aria are going to be at the top of your list. In the pool area at Aria, you wouldn’t even realise you’re in Vegas (except for maybe the occasional plane flying overhead). It feels like a resort in the middle of the resort, with loads of trees, sculptures and space to spread out. The food is amazing too!

Caesar’s Palace

Caesars pool area is called “Garden of the Gods” and you’ll definitely feel like a God whilst sunbathing there. There are loads of different swimming pools to enjoy, and with all the little ‘Roman’ details and touches, it feels like you’re on holiday in Italy or somewhere. It’s pretty special!

The Venetian

There are several amazing pools in the Venetian, and each one feels better than the last. The pools are designed to feel luxurious and beautiful, and you’ll feel a million miles from Las Vegas as you soak in the relaxing atmosphere. What we love about The Venetian’s swimming pools is that some of them feel ‘tucked away’ and hidden – so you really do feel like you stumbled upon a secret paradise.

Wynn Encore

The Wynn Encore, is one of Las Vegas’s most luxurious hotels, so of course the pool area is amazing. You have so much space in this pool area, and the surroundings are polished to perfection (down to the last detail).

Which hotel swimming pool in Las Vegas is your favourite?

There are so many to choose from, it’s hard to pick a winner! We hope this blog post has at least helped answer your question, which hotel has the best swimming pool in Las Vegas?

Let us know if you’d like us to help with any other queries about Las Vegas! We’re here to make your vacation better!

What is a Las Vegas resort fee?

Las Vegas is one of the most fun and vibrant cities in the USA and it’s the perfect place for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. If you’ve booked a trip there soon, chances are you’ve decided to stay in the heart of the Las Vegas strip in one of the amazing hotels in the city centre. There’s no better place to stop – you’ll be in the middle of everything and most attractions are walking distance.

If you haven’t decided which hotel is for you yet, here are a few we recommend…

The Cosmopolitan (upscale, luxury, rooms have balconies) 

Aria Hotel (modern, laid back, amazing pool area) 

Planet Hollywood (super central, very fun, great casino) 

Bellagio (the iconic vegas hotel, you could get a fountain-view room!) 

If you’ve already booked your room at a hotel… You might have noticed something in the small print about a ‘Las Vegas resort fee‘. If you’re unsure about this, and how it work, keep reading.

What is a Las Vegas resort fee?

resort fee in a hotel is a additional daily charge (that all guests will pay) that is added onto your bill. This charge is mandatory and is often separated from the regular ‘room’ quote that is advertised.

Why do I pay a resort fee?

It covers access to the resort ‘amenities’ such as a swimming pool, WiFi, fitness centre, etc. It varies from hotel to hotel what they classify under their resort fee, but that’s the general gist of it. Unfortunately, even if you don’t plan on using the things listed under the resort fee, you’ll still be entitled to pay it.

Here are few of the main hotels in Las Vegas, and what their resort fee currently is (note: this can change year on year, but not by much).

Aria: $39

Bally’s: $35

Bellagio: $39

Caesar’s Palace: $39

Circus Circus: $32

Delano: $37

Encore: $39

Excalibur: $35

Flamingo: $35

Four Season: $39

Golden Nugget: £32

Hard Rock Hotel: $33

Hooters: $35

Luxor: $35

Mandalay Bay: $37

MGM Grand: $37

New York New York: $37

Palazzo: $45

Palms: $39

Paris: $37

Polo Towers: $28

Rio All Suite: $32

Stratosphere: $32.99

The Cosmopolitan: $39

The D: $25

The Linq: $35

Treasure Island: $37

Tropicana: $35

Venetian: $45

Waldorf Astoria: $45

Wynn: $39

As you can see from the above, the amount you’ll pay for resort fee in Las Vegas depends on the hotel you’re staying at. Usually, the rule is, the more you pay for your room rate, the more you’ll end up paying for resort fees too. The most expensive hotels charging $40+ in resort fees, are also the hotels charging some of the highest room rates too.

Are there any hotels in Las Vegas with no resort fees?

Yes there are a few, but they’re not centrally located and they’re usually smaller than the main hotels.

If you’re visiting Las Vegas to truly experience the city, you’ll want to stop centrally and you’ll most likely want to try out one of the well known hotels (of which all charge resort fees).

When planning a vacation to Las Vegas would recommend always thinking of the resort fee as part of your overall budget, that way you won’t be surprised or shocked when you check out and come to pay. If you’re unsure at any point when booking, you can email or call the hotel and ask them what the resort fee will be for your stay – they will always be happy to let you know in advance.

Yes resort fees are frustrating, but if you know about them and research them ahead of time, you shouldn’t be left with any nasty financial surprises when you check out at the end of your vacation.







What is there to do in Las Vegas in the morning?

Lots of people think Las Vegas is a ‘nightlife only’ destination… but it’s just not true! There is so much to in Las Vegas in the mornings and in the daytime – you can fill your days with many amazing attractions and activities.

We are regular Las Vegas visitors here at and we go a couple of times a year. See below for a photo of us on a recent trip…! 

What are the best things to do in Las Vegas in the mornings?

Here are some of the best things you can do in Las Vegas in the morning, before the rest of the city wakes up!

Take a stroll around the strip!

The morning in Las Vegas is the quietest time, so it’s the perfect chance to take a stroll around and soak it all in (without all the crowds). If you’re visiting in the summer time (when temperatures can reach crazy highs!) then the morning is the coolest and most comfortable time of day to walk around outside.

Visit your hotel pool and grab the best sun beds

The swimming pools are always really quiet in the mornings, so if you want to do some sunbathing or relaxing by the pool, aim to get down there when it opens. I took this photo (below) at the Cosmopolitan pool around 10am and as you can see… it’s empty! By 1pm / 2pm, it’ll start to get much busier, and by 3pm there won’t be a spare bed in sight! There’s nothing nicer than sitting by an empty pool, or having the whole place to yourself for an hour to two in the morning.

Take a Gondola ride at The Venetian

In the evenings, this little attraction can get super busy (and you may end up waiting 20-30 minutes for your ride). In the mornings though, it’s much quieter and much more laid back. This definitely makes it a top things to do in Las Vegas in the morning.

Go shopping!

Las Vegas has loads of shopping malls, and they’re all open in the mornings! You can wonder around these malls for hours without visiting the same shops, so I’d definitely spend a morning just soaking it all in and enjoying the air-conditioned malls. If you’ve never visited before the mall at Caesars Palace is fantastic and quite an experience.

Learn to gamble

In the mornings, when the casinos are really quiet – you might be able to take some free lessons from the open tables. It’s a great chance to learn any games you’re not confident with yet, and it’s less pressure (because the demand for table spaces will be non-existant at that time).

Book a spa treatment

Vegas has loads of spa choice, but my favourite is the spa at Aria. You can book morning treatments to start your day right, and then relax in the spa amenities in the hours following. It’s a perfect, relaxing way to spend the morning in Las Vegas.

Visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an INCREDIBLE place to see, and it’s only a few hours from Las Vegas. There are loads of amazing tours that leave at about 7am from your Las Vegas hotel – so be sure to book yourself onto one! I recommend these tours – we had the time of our lives during our Pink Jeep Tour to the Grand Canyon.

Visit the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is only an hour or so out of London, and you can easily book a tour to take you there one morning. It’s pretty incredible to see, and offers up some amazing photo opportunities too. Just wow!

Get room service!

If you fancy a lay-in and you fancy spending the morning relaxing… have a lazy sleep and then enjoy room service! If you’re stopping at The Cosmopolitan Hotel (my favourite hotel in Las Vegas) then you also have a balcony to sit on and watch the world go by!