Welcome to USA Vacations!

I’m Elle-Rose and I’m the editor of USA Vacations. I spend a lot of my time travelling in the USA and after years of sending recommendations to friends & helping to plan their trips, I decided just to set up a website where I could put all my advice, tips and tricks in one place.

Here are a few FAQs…

Do you live in the USA? 

No I live in the UK, but travel to the USA multiple times a year for business and pleasure. This year I have been to Las Vegas, New York and Seattle, and I have plans to visit Chicago, LA and Portland in the coming months.

Is it just you that creates content?

No, there are a few lovely people who write and create content for usavacations.net – but I’d say I write about 60% of the blog posts on the website. The other posts have been written by other people who love travelling to the USA as much as I do.

Do you accept new writers?

I’m always looking for new writers on this website, so if you’re passionate about travelling and you’d like to write for us, then feel free to get in touch: ellerosewilliams (@) gmail.com




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